We are glad to see you on the site of Uzhgorod Castle restaurant –  which is by rights considered to be one of the best restaurants of Transcarpathia! Nowhere in the Ukraine a human feels so close to European history, especially Austro-Hungary, as here. Our restaurant is successfully working more than 15 years and represent Transcarpathian local kitchen (it is marked with Transcarpathian arms in the menu) as well as popular European dishes. Our staff speaks such foreign languiges as English, Hungarian, Slovakian and Russian. Deservedly we are popular among Uzhgorod citizens, that is why we are successful among tourists.


Mysterious uncommon spirit is proper only to ancient medieval castles. It seems that unresolved mysteries are hidden here and attract more and more. And of course legends. The Uzhgorod castle is not an... READ MORE


  We offer catering service, besides the rent of the halls of the very castle is possible. At your service there are wine card, cigar card, cocktail card. On advance order one can... READ MORE