About Us

The restaurant complex is located within the walls of the most ancient, most valuable historical landmark of Uzhhorod, an architectural structure of national importance, in the medieval Uzhhorod castle of the 13th century. The restaurant has been operating since 1999. We specialize in local (Transcarpathian, Hungarian) and popular European cuisine. Our undoubted advantages are delicious meals, fresh air in the city center and remoteness from residential areas and the bustle of the city. The castle is located in the historical center of Uzhhorod, on the oldest street of the city – Kapitulnaya. On the same street are the Faculty of Law of UzhNU and the Holy Cross Cathedral of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

The restaurant complex “Uzhhorod Castle” is the main restaurant, tasting room and covered terrace (open from April to October). While the terrace is functioning, a barbecue menu is added.

The restaurant is located within the walls of the defensive wall of the Uzhhorod castle, at the entrance to the castle behind a stone bridge. The restaurant consists of two small halls with a fireplace and can accommodate 30 guests (buffet – up to 40 guests). The restaurant halls are located in the same place where in the middle of the 18th century there was a room for guards guarding the entrance to the castle bridge. The interior of the restaurant is authentic and therefore unique. You can sit at a cozy table in one of the two rooms. Pay attention to the grate – it depicts the coat of arms of the Drugets – an Italian aristocratic family of French origin. On the walls there are portraits of the owners of the castle – the noble Philip Drugeth, Bercsényi Miklós, Krisztina Csáky.

The tasting room is located on the territory of the Uzhрorod castle in the oldest building of the inner castle, the entrance to it is located near the sculpture of Hermes. The tasting room was opened only in 2008 after a long process of repair and restoration work carried out by us. According to historians, there used to be a refectory for servants and barrels of wine were stored here. The hall is open from 10:00 to 17:00 as a museum, wine tasting is held here. Conferences and banquets are also held by prior arrangement. We accept in the tasting room up to 50 guests a banquet, up to 75 guests a buffet, up to 70 guests a сonference. The hall is equipped with background sound and a projector with a screen.

Our terrace is located in the castle moat and offers a beautiful view of the ancient medieval castle walls and skansen. The terrace can accommodate up to 40 guests (60 buffets), has a children’s corner with sketchbooks and felt-tip pens. The walls of the terrace are decorated with paintings depicting fragments of medieval life. Transcarpathian artists made all of them in the old technique. According to our guests, watching the castle walls is very inspiring