Wine Tasting Hall, the unique object of Uzhgorod castle is situated in the castle basement. The combination of refined medieval interior and maximum preservation of constructive singularities create the magnificent atmosphere. But the object main advantage for sure is collection of the best Transcarpathian wines. Our sommeliers treat you with perfect drink and conduct meaningfull tour about the history of Transcarpathian wine-making.

Let us to represent you wines of the Elit collection line of Beregovo Shato Chizay which were awarded with numerous prizes at different exhibitions. You can taste here seven wines including legendary sweet wine “Troyanda Karpat”. We make wine-tasting both for one or two guests and for big groups of tourists.Wine tasting for one person costs 65 hryvnya(about two euro). Wine-tasting duration with the description of every wine sort is about 30 minutes. One can buy favourite wine here.