Mysterious uncommon spirit is proper only to ancient medieval castles. It seems that unresolved mysteries are hidden here and attract more and more. And of course legends. The Uzhgorod castle is not an excemption. The legend about “White Maiden” where love winned the fear of severe father punishment is one of castle legends which adds trembling to feelings of modern Romeo and Juliet. Especial atmosphere of ancient castle makes wedding ceremony unforgettable. The organisers of wedding ceremonies says that only responsible and trustworthy couples want to conduct a celebration in the walls of Uzhgorod stronghold.

Cellars-are the most ancient part of the castle. This part of the castle was closed for visitors despite that it was the main depository of history of medieval castle. Recently castle cellars became easy of access for history connoisseurs.One may visit wine-testing hall here which is not only in bride and bride-groom`s service but also in their guests.

About fourty couples had already succeeded in celebrating their chamber party with relatives and friends here. Uzhgorod castle wine-tasting hall is designed for accommodation about sixty persons.

The staff of the restaurant”Uzhgorod castle”`ll serve to your wedding table both dishes of excellent taste and luxuriously decorated. For example the pyramid of glasses of champagne which became a must-have attribute of the castle wedding ceremony. Traditionally the bride takes upper glass of the pyramid, the bride-groom and guests taste champagne after her. Here one can order refined fourchettes and banquets for the very wedding celebration if newly-married couple wants not only to register marriage and to have a good time in castle walls between registration and the very celebration in the restaurant ( remind that wine-tasting hall can accommodate no more than sixty persons) e.g. in photographing or coffee-break with the pyramid of champagne.

Also marriage registration ceremony can take place on the castle bastion. In ancient times war guns were situated here, now one can see fantastic Uzhgorod view.If marriage registration for a couple is not only a formality than festive mood on the castle bastion is the most romantik proposal.

Newly-married couple who wants to have publik as well as church blessing are sure to come for wedding in castle chapel. It is situated on the second floor of the castle and charms not only by religious frescoes by academy artist Ferdinand Vydra.

The wedding in medieval castle is not a phenomenon in Europe. Eastern-european states popularize actively such traditions or so-called wedding tourism. As a result hundreds of brides and bride-grooms came to them all over the world. By the way prices for such wedding celebrations in Uzhgorod medieval castle are lower in several times than Baltic.

Unfortunatly, very few castles are well preserved in the Ukraine. Uzhgorod is happy in a sense. With the permission of Transcarpathian Regional Museum which carefully guards the Uzhgorod history and tries to wake contemporaries to its creation wedding ceremonies are hold on the territory of Uzhgorod castle. The good beginning is half of the deal . It is very important if such a beginning`ll be the best because of it is about family life which beginning is wedding. Recently one can only dream about wedding ceremony in the castle. And today it is a reality, which can be planned and realized!